"Twiddla calls itself a web-based meeting playground. Not only is it a fun way to swap ideas about a website or image, it’s incredibly useful as well." webworkerdaily.com

It takes two, or three, or eleven

Co-browsing Make America's most popular pastime - web surfing - a team sport. Browse websites in a shared, real-time whiteboard, while marking them up, sharing files, and chatting along. It's called co-browsing; all the cool kids are doing it.

Nothing to get in your way

Draw tool Don't like to sign up for stuff? No worries! You don't need an account to use Twiddla - and neither does anybody else. The people you invite to meetings will never see so much as a login screen. You've got work to do. We'll stay out of your way.

More than just whiteboarding

Have a look at some other things people are using Twiddla for: