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Twiddla does EtherPad

Remember EtherPad?

They were the the coolest thing around a few years back, with their little collaborative text editor that synchronized everything as you typed. As a product, it was simple and to the point. And it just plain worked in a way that all the other "Online Word Processors" of the day didn't.

Then Google bought them and it went away.

For a while there, we used to see Twiddla's name popping up in online discussions about EtherPad and vice versa. Lots of people were saying that either Twiddla was the missing feature of EtherPad or that we were somehow a superset of them. Clearly, we were both doing our separate things and doing them well, but it sure would have been cool if there was a way to combine the two.

Well there is.

You see, I was fibbing a bit when I said that EtherPad went away. When they were bought, somebody in the know must have realized that the product would never see the light of day inside Google, so they did the miraculous: They Open-Sourced the code.

Hell yeah! Now we're talking. That meant that now anybody could fire up their own EtherPad server if they were willing to invest a bit of time and effort. Better still, it meant that we at Twiddla could start poking around and dreaming some dreams that were previously undreamable.

EtherPad inside of Twiddla

Well, enough dreaming. You know where I'm going with this. We quietly pushed a release last month that lets you create EtherPads within Twiddla. You get all the collaborative editing goodness that you remember, but now you can scribble over the top of it, add sticky notes, drop pictures of LOLcats on it, and otherwise Twiddle up the place.

It rocks. Go check it out!

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