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Design Collaboration Software

Design Collaboration Software

Design Collaboration Software

is a design collaboration package that allows distributed design teams to collaborate in real time on visual design ideas.

Twiddla is web-based, and requires no software download, so it works with every major browser on every operating system. That's important for collaborative software design, since screen designers tend to like their Macs, whereas people wearing ties tend to be using PCs, and the guys writing the code are probably running some esoteric Linux distribution that the WebEx guys haven't gotten around to supporting yet.

With Twiddla, you can fire up a new meeting in about 30 seconds, and be in a shared design space where you can mark up designs in real time. You get live voice conferencing, and text chat for meta-discussion. Upload design ideas, scribble over them, and get some work done.

Nothing to download. No crazy registration forms to fill out. No purchase orders.

Painless Web Meetings. That's what Twiddla is all about. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!
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