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Twiddla's most prominent feature is the nearly instant ability for anybody off the street to instantly fire up a meeting and start getting work done. No signups, no hassles, nothing to get in your way.

The downside to that "zero friction" approach is that we never get to know you well enough to actually save any information for you. Once you're gone, so are your meetings, images, documents and transcripts.

Named User Accounts are the solution.

All of our paid plans allow you to create at least one Named User Account. That's just a fancy term for a Login that you can use to get back into the site and save things. At any point in the course of your Twiddling, you can log in and we'll immediately save whatever you're doing to your account.

Unlimited storage for documents, images, emails, etc. Unlimited transcripts, meeting histories, replays and more. Sorted.