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Web Based Conferencing Software

Web Based Conferencing Software

Web Based Conferencing Software

Twiddla is the first real time conferencing software that is truly web based. Other products have made this claim in the past, but all required the installation of custom software or 3rd party components to function. In our mind, that is not true web-based conferencing.

Twiddla runs right in your web browser. Any modern web browser will work, from any modern operating system. There's nothing to install, so it's guaranteed to work first try. You get the ability to view and mark up any document that's available on the web, and you can upload images, screenshots and other documents to mark up as well. Gone are the headaches of attempting to set up traditional web conferencing software for an entire team, just to share a virtual whiteboard and collaborate on shared documents.

Web conferencing for the Web. That's what Twiddla is all about. Try it out now and see for yourself!
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