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Twiddla API Terms of Service

Twiddla's Application Programming Interface (API) lets you host Twiddla whiteboards on your own website. You can create new whiteboards on the fly and embed them into any page you'd like. You can disable the bits you don't want to see, and you can even show your own logo instead of ours.

What you can use if for

The Twiddla API is intended for use by sites that want to add an online whiteboard to their own application.

Likely use cases include meeting spaces for collaboration suites, online meeting rooms within a corporate intranet, online classrooms for education sites, and basically any site that wants to enhance its offering with shared whiteboard.

The only restriction we ask is that you not simply rebrand and resell Twiddla as a generic Online Meeting or Whiteboard service. We're all about helping you build a great service that includes whiteboarding, but we ask that you not use Twiddla to compete directly with Twiddla. Fair enough?

If you're building something with Twiddla and you want to make sure it falls inside our definition of acceptable use, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

What happens if Twiddla goes away

We realize the risk you're taking by basing your business on a 3rd party service, so we want to make sure you're provided for in the future.

In the event that Twiddla either ceases operations or discontinues access to the API, we will provide all effected API customers of Small Business level or above with a copy of the Twiddla source code and a license to use that source in the context of the project that it was intended. Naturally, this would be a usage-only license that would not be transferrable or redistributable to a 3rd party.

Note that we offer this guarantee as a sort of fail-safe in case of some unforseen catastrophe, and not as a prelude to stopping the service. We're in this for the long haul, just like you.

What happens if you outgrow our Large Business plan

At some point your site may be successful enough to outpace the simultaneous-meeting allowance for our Large Business plan. If that's the case then congratulations are in order, and we'll want to start talking about moving you onto a dedicated server or possibly even having you host your own Twiddla server.

Contact us if you'd like to talk about the pricing and logistics involved in taking that step.