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Voice Pricing Changes

We're going to have to start charging for Voice Conferencing.

The reason for this change is simple: It's getting expensive. More people are using voice every day. More people are starting to use it all day every day. It always cost us money to run, but now we're starting to see accounts that cost more to service than we charge for their subscription. And generally, when running a business, one wants to bring in more than one spends.

So now each plan level has a generous Monthly Allowance of voice minutes. 600 Minutes for Pro accounts, and exponentially more for higher pricing tiers. Check out the pricing chart for exact numbers. Beyond that, you'll have the option to purchase additional voice conferencing minutes at a rate that roughly matches what we pay for them. It's not something we really want to be making money off of (or charge for at all), so we'll keep voice prices as low as we can.

Doing some numbers, it looks like 95% of our customers won't ever run over their Monthly Allowance. That's good, because again we don't want to be in the Voice Minutes business. But there are a few big accounts out there that will be affected. We'll be getting in touch with them before we start charging on the 1st of March.

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