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Free Web Based Group Whiteboarding

Free Web Based Group Whiteboarding

Twiddla - Free Web Based Group Whiteboarding

Twiddla is a little tool that you lets browse the web as a group and mark up web pages in real time. It has a good selection of Whiteboarding tools, such as pens, highlighters and sticky notes that you can place directly on to any web page.

You can use it for group whiteboarding, or to host web meetings between groups based in different cities. Twiddla is based on Ajax technology, which means that it will work in any web browser, on any operating system, with nothing to install. This makes it ideal for design meetings, since your Mac based designers can quickly show off and collaborate on ideas with your Linux based developers and their Windows based managers.

Twiddla is the most affordable option available for group whiteboarding. In most cases, it's completely free. At its upper extreme, it's still less than you paid for lunch. Better still, we won't force you to sign some monthly contract just to host a single web conference. That's what I call affordable.

But hey, don't take our word for it. Try it out now and see for yourself! We think you'll agree that Twiddla is your best bet for group whiteboarding.

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