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Mark up web pages in Real Time

Mark up web pages in Real Time

Mark up web pages in Real Time

Twiddla is a fun web site that lets you browse the web as a group and mark up web pages in real time. It has a good selection of mark-up tools, such as pens, highlighters and sticky notes that you can place directly on to any web page. You can upload graphics and documents too, and scribble over them to your heart's content.

Twiddla is a great tool for design teams to collaborate on new ideas in a live web meeting. Project managers can see the latest design ideas and mark them up in real time, allowing the whole design process to move a lot faster and more smoothly. Gone are the days of marking up screenshots in MS Paint and emailing them back and forth. If you see an issue, you can simply pull up the site in Twiddla, circle the problem in red and pull the designer into the session to check it out.

But hey, don't take our word for it. Try it out now and see for yourself! We think you'll agree that Twiddla is the best solution for marking up web pages in real time.

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